How to stick to your diet even during festive season

As the festive season has started, either we try to skip the invites or we try skipping the delicious food. The reason being our fear of eating too much and consuming too many calories. This clearly means going off the diet.  You can also check the 30 minute full body workout article which we published last week.

Here is how you can enjoy the festive season and still stick to your regular calorie intake

1 First thing to follow is – never arrive hungry at any party or celebration. Always ensure that you eat something filling (some egg whites or a small
A portion of dal/rice) before you leave for home. This way you will not binge on food as soon as you reach the party. You will get some time to settle down and then make a conscious call about what to eat and what to avoid (high calorie food).

2 Focus more on talking to people at the party/celebration rather than on food. Remember, whatever we think more about, we tend to get attracted towards it more. So, food should not be the focus to attend the party.

3 Learn that there is nothing wrong in saying No when you are offered food. Sometimes, we just pick up a sweet/a desert or a snack when offered, thinking the other person might feel bad if we do not eat. Please understand that if you are firm about your choice of eating and really do not wanna eat the offered food item, it is completely fine to say No.

4 Always keep a glass of water on your side and keep sipping it throughout the party. This will keep you full and you will not look around to pick something to eat to keep yourself busy.

5 Lastly – cheating is as essential as being on a diet. So, if you have planned well for this particular party to be your cheat meal, then go for it and indulge and do not feel guilty about it. Enjoy the feeling of indulgence.

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