10 Places You Have To See Before You Die

When you make a list of things to do in your life, you might include some of the places that you would love to visit before you die. In this list of dream destinations, you can include some of the places in different parts of this world. These places are a must visit exotic locations, which not only gives you a soothing experience but also makes your life more meaningful. So, here is the list of those locations which demands your visit at least once in life.

  • Venice Canals: It is one of the most romantic places to visit amidst the marvels present in Roman ambience. The boat ride of floating city, alluring shops and cafe, and a lovely atmosphere is enchanting to visit this place.
  • Sydney Opera House: The iconic marvel of the country is a must visit because of its architectural importance. The ferries entering the harbor, the glimpse of Australian culture and talent is a must watch tender.
  • Angkor Wat: This is an amazing place which has around 200 temples constructed and carved perfectly for the rays of sun to give it an ecstatic look in the morning time. It is a master piece in architecture, and requires all your time to cherish the ambience of this place properly.
  • Galapagos Island: The area popular for the beginning of evolutionary science has a dreamy marine life around it. It is a home to many unique species on this earth such as pink iguana, blue footed booby, and giant green tortoise. These marvels of nature will leave you spellbound after a visit.
  • Taj Mahal: This epic symbol of love built in the fond memory of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s third wife Mumtaz Mahal is also one of the seven wonders of this world. Located beside the bank of river Yamuna, this monument is a treat to watch in the night time when its light is lingering in every corner.
  • Yellowstone National park: The world’s first national park is loaded with varieties of flora and fauna. It has natural hot spring and other ecstatic features have attracted several nature enthusiast to carry out their research study.
  • Great Barrier Reef: It is 2,600 km long and is one of the best marvels that nature has. It is another wonderful land that is totally a new world for its visitors and it demands your visit at least once in a lifetime. It has plenty of species of aquatic plants and animals, and it also includes some species of birds.
  • Machu Picchu: It is such a beautiful place that it hosts more than 2,500 visitors a day and has breathtakingly awesome views of widespread greenery. It was once a kingdom of Inca Empire and you will know why, once you visit the place.
  • Pyramid of Giza: It is a wonder of ancient world and is still surviving like a newly built monument. Do not just sit at home and watch the pictures of this massive limestone beacons, their guard cats, and the Great Sphinx.
  • Eiffel Tower: It is one of the most beloved tourist places in this world and is the highest visited paid monument. It is also the tallest tower in the world and a must visit site for any travel freak.

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