10 Cheapest Places To Travel That Won’t Break Your Budget

When we talk about holiday and vacation, the first thing that we look for is a beautiful place that does not create a hole in our pocket. Undoubtedly, we never want to ruin our vacation for silly things, but at the same time it is necessary to think about the budget before deciding things blindly. Therefore, we have brought the list of some exotic locations from around the world that may grab your attention and you may also find them budget friendly.

  • Sri Lanka: It is an amazing island in Asia located near India which gives you a feeling of paradise on earth because of its rainforests, wildlife and exotic beaches. The ancient temples, palaces, coconut-palm groves, and shopping hubs will make you go crazy beyond your imagination. The weather of this island will always give you a warm welcome and will tempt your soul.
  • Vietnam: It is another spectacular holiday destination for people craving to have great fun. Be it the best noodle serving restaurant or biking trips in the cascading waters of sea, Vietnam provides you with everything at its best. The attractions include crawling in cu chi tunnels, Mekong Delta cruise, and kayaking. It is at its best between the months of September and December.
  • Cambodia: The nature and atmosphere will leave you spellbound, especially The Bayon, Angkor Wat complex, and lakes with gushing waters. The most exciting things to go for in this place are beautiful cottages with jungle-based theme and floating rooms gives you the most enthralling experiences of life.
  • Ireland: It is one of the marvelous tourist places of Western Europe. Dublin not only saves your money, but gives you the best places to visit like Emerald’s Isle, authentic villages, breathtaking music culture, castles, breezy coasts, and deep green forest stretches. This place has cottages for travelers which provide comforting facilities with unbelievable price range.
  • Dominican Republic: The accommodation, bus tickets, and meals will leave you spellbound when you look at your expenditure. The white sands and palm groves of Bavaro Beach along with free Wi-Fi and free coffee is mesmerizing experience. Water sports like skiing and scuba diving, banana boats, Caribbean style grill restaurant, and beautiful swimming pools will give you the best moments of your life.
  • Hungary: This place will leave plenty of bucks in your wallet because of its budget friendly facilities. You can enjoy some delicious cakes, pastries, strong liquor, and wines. The thermal baths and spa clubs will give you beautiful refreshment, and you can also enjoy the hilly sides and cool waters of the beach.
  • Thailand: It is in Southeast Asia and always known for its lazing beaches full of sunshine. The accommodations are the eye-catching feature of Thailand which provides extraordinary services without shaking your pocket. The divine aura of this place, the market areas, sauna hubs, theme parks, and enchanting environment will give you the best moments.    
  • Bolivia: The hot and humid climate of Bolivia grabs the attention of tourists and it is famous for its food and drink. The ticket fare from one place to another is surprising because it is unimaginably low. One can enjoy the folk dances, traditional parade, and several glimpse of Bolivian culture when visited during the time of Carnival.
  • Jamaica: It is one of the cheapest islands in Caribbean region, which can be reached easily through fairly low price air carriers such as AirTran, JetBlue, and Air Transat. It offers exotic spa and windy beaches and the most rewarding feature is the cheapest night stay at hotels, which can cut their prices up to 65% and hence it is the best location for bargainers.
  • Greece: Although, a stay in famous islands of Greece are quiet pricey but altogether it is a budget friendly place to go to. Pool parties, authentic restaurants, pastry shops, cheap shots, and kebab house gives you an enchanting experience of Greece. You can find some of the best getaways in Greece to hang with your friends which will also maintain your budget.

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